Milestones Capital is a systematic quantitative fund, committed to directional program, trading a diversified portfolio of global commodity futures, bonds, stock market indices, through other funds.

Milestones Capital is a response to the financial and macroeconomic challenges, including financial repression. The Company believe it will be difficult to protect real wealth in the next decade, yet alone obtain a reasonable rate of return, with conventional asset management, and that a different more opportunistic and nimble investment approach is required.

The Company's trading philosophy is to invest in funds which are systemic and a part of the Hedgefund/CTA space.

Our algorithm-based investment strategy exploits the empirical fact that price formation in periods of "large" price movements (typically more than 2x-3x standard deviation) do not follow a "random walk", but instead with a statistical probability that can be determined a priori, follow certain regular statistical patterns. The patterns, which contain both trend following and mean reversion traits, have been unveiled using non-linear categorization methods.

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